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So I got together with some of my talented singer/songwriter LOUISIANA friends (well NOT together together... hahaha) to sing an inspirational song - a love letter to Louisiana. Our state is full of resilient, passionate, crawfish lovin', family first people! We will persevere through these times and come out the other side better, stronger, and ready to go! Enjoy some uplifting words from Louisiana people to Louisiana people! 

Presenting: Our cover of Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac. Contact information for all singers is below.

Don't Stop, Louisiana

Don't Stop, Louisiana

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Inquiries and Requests

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Saylor Brasseaux

Instagram: @saylorbrasseauxmusic 

Facebook: saylorbrasseauxmusic 

Spotify, iTunes, etc: Saylor Brasseaux

Tony Cobb


Instagram: @tonycobb

Facebook: Tony Cobb Music



Ashton Brooke Gill


Instagram: @ashtonbrookegill

Facebook: ashtonbrookegillmusic 

Youtube: Ashton Brooke Gill 

Barry Hebert

Facebook: Barry Hebert