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Little Did I know

Celebrating the one year anniversary of my journey as a songwriter!  This song was my first song EVER to write!  Written almost exactly a year ago (Feb 2018.)  Ya know I still love it.  Its like your first child, the one you learn and love through.   AND it also became my first music video.  A family and friends project for sure.  Filmed by my mom and oldest brother, acted out by my best friend, Madelyn and great friend, Brandt.  It holds such a special place in my heart.  I am continuing to grow in my writing and learning so much.  I've met some incredible songwriters and songwriting friends.  A community of storytellers, poets and creatives sharing what their hearts and talents.  

Enjoy the video above and subscribe to my youtube channel to keep up with new songwriting adventures!

Thanks for stopping by!  -Chaislyn Jane

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