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Songwriter set list

My list of original songs is ever growing.  I began writing in 2018 and have fallen in love with the whole process.  From creating to compiling to sharing.  It is my passion.  I'm honored to see that songs submitted to songwriter contest and film festivals have received awards!

85 (co-written with Saylor Brasseaux)
Bad Texter
Carole **
Don't Run
Dreams I Forgot About*

Fool Me
Freeze (co-written with Liam Slater)
Greatest Hits

Have to Say Goodbye
Him (co-written with Dariann Leigh)
Hurt Me (co-written with Brandon Green and Sean Gasaway)
If I Know Myself
Little Did I Know*
Maybe Then I'll Know
Mixed Signals (co-written with Grace Russel)
Never Gonna Happen
Raise Herself*

See You Soon
Shades of Pink
Start to End
Stubborn Pride
This is Life
When I Needed You Most


*has been a finalist or placed in a songwriter contest

**has been a finalist or placed in a film festival

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